Shop Nike Air Max 97 Premium Racer Blue on 2019sneakersrelease

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Shop Nike Air Max 97 Premium Racer Blue on 2019sneakersrelease

Postby blair2019 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:42 am

Nike Air Max 97 In the past two years, there have been many classic color schemes. The corduroy and kaleidoscope have attracted a lot of attention. Recently, a new pair of color schemes will be released soon. Nike Air Max 97 Premium Racer Blue features gray and white shoes, complemented by blue accents, and a refreshing color palette that makes these shoes perfect for summer wear. The body of the shoe is presented by prisms and waves, and the special material is used to make the whole pair of shoes look full and the specifications are very high.

As the Chinese shoe market is getting hotter and hotter, the Chinese shoes are more popular with domestic shoe players. The previous CLOT x Air Force 1 white silk has brought a hot shoe market. Recently, the Air Force 1, which was previously exposed to white silk, has entered the field of sneakers. Nike Air Force 1'07 prm 3 overall appearance in orange, red and black, the color of the collision is extremely bright, the shoe side Swoosh uses an external line, with a pattern similar to the hundred clothing more special style. The toe part is made of silk material, orange and red, and the former "national flower" peony is painted, which reflects the Chinese elements to the fullest. It makes people seem to see the Tang Dynasty Liu Yuxi poetry. "Only the peony is the national color, the flower season Move the capital of Beijing. The leather on the side of the shoe body is similar to the texture of the dragon scale. The texture of the convex and concave and the pattern of the color collision similar to the “Hundreds of Clothing” are all telling Nike's intentional design for the Chinese style. The main part of the tongue is made of simple black, embellished with the same pattern of hundreds of clothes on the side. The minimalist and extremely complex color impact has undoubtedly become the crowning touch of this pair of shoes.

Each generation of Air Jordan's shoes has a very signature shoe design. Jordan Brand is very good at combining the characteristics of each generation of shoes to create a new design shoes. Recently, a pair of new color matching models Jordan 6 Rings official release. These shoes are comparable to the OG's original generation, combined with the classic Air Jordan 11 upper design, and the Air Jordan 13 midsole, outsole deconstruction. These shoes are on the white upper with black patent leather. In the lace buckle, tongue and heel position, it is decorated with green and pink colors, showing a very eye-catching South Coast color, the cyan outsole echoes, and the overall style is very dynamic.

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