Artist had fun

Share your art, cosplay, and everything else you are working on that is inspired by Darkest Dungeon.
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Artist had fun

Postby Ihtiander » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:20 am


Link to gif: ... -769722163

Just wanted to share something. Since me and my friend are artists - we decided to draw our characters, replacing some original skins inside of game folder.
So we've got different animations for his Slayer and my Dragon-slayer (attacks/moves etc.)
I really hope we will be able to do something of that in Darkest Dungeon 2
That was our journey into Courtyard and we made it without retreating to home, thanks to mods with 4 trinkets and some classes (Warden is totaly OP in my opinion). And his Slayer character got a lot of buffs to his last ability dealing way too much damage.
I liked playing with our characters.

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