Mod Compatability

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Mod Compatability

Postby Cashondeliveri » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:37 am

I'm gonna start a Darkest Dungeon campaign and plan on using a lot of mods. I'm wondering if someone could tell me whether there are any conflicts, if some of the mods are out of date and/or not working properly or if I've put them in the correct load order. I have all of the DLC installed and I'm at the start of the game (had a few crashes to desktop when loading save, and some of the mods don't seem to work properly) with the following mods in this load order:

- Inventory Expansion Moar Trinkets 2.0
- Heroes Unchained 2019: Crusader
- Heroes Unchained 2019: Vestal
- Heroes Unchained 2019: Leper
- Heroes Unchained 2019: Jester
- Provision Buy Chart
- Inventory Expansion 1.0
- Inventory Stack
- Level Restrictions Removal 1.7
- Antiquarian Buff
- Faster Walking
- Better Nomad Wagon 1.3
- Heirloom to Gold CoMified 0.1
- More Resolve 2.0
- Better Stage Coach 1.2
- Increased Quest Rewards
- Eliminating Acquiring Negative Traits
- Cheap Shared Camp Skills
- Provision Overhaul
- A Time to Rest 1.4
- A Time to Rest Color of Madness 1.0

I'm also thinking of adding mods that improve or add new provisions and improved or new camping skills. Any recommendations would be great!

Before anyone shouts: Cheater! I've played this game some time ago before Radiant Mode was an option and without any mods, and found it too difficult. For now i want a casual experience while i teach myself the finer points of strategy and tactics before i start another campaign which is gonna be a lot harder. So i'm playing this game as a sort of tutorial to prepare myself for the real playthrough later.

Anyways, I would appreciate any help or advice :)

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