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General feedback

Postby blind3rdeye » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:01 am

I've been playing this game a lot over the last couple of weeks. So I though I'd just post some feedback here.

First of all, I think it's an excellent game. It's innovative and interesting, with good difficulty and depth of strategy. A lot of people say it is too hard and unforgiving - but I don't really think so. You can survive at 0 HP; and you can abandon quests at any time without walking back to the entrance. That's softcore stuff! But seriously, I think the difficulty is about right. I played through on 'darkest', then launched into 'stygian'.

I like that the game doesn't tell you which item will help with each curios. It gives a great sense of discovery and experimentation (and most of the matching items make sense - so it isn't just arbitrary junk). I like that inventory space is so tight - so that there's a constant decision making process about which items are most important... do I need the key for more loot, or the shovel - just in case there's a blockage? Should I keep the gold, or the torches?

The hunger system is fair, but not really intuitive. There have been times when I've stuffed the whole team full of food until they're all "full", and then a few steps later we're hit with hunger. Near the end of a mission, I often burn all the remaining torches (and discard any extras) to carry more loot - but with food I can't really do that without risking a hit from hunger. It's fine from a strategic gameplay point of view, but it's a bit weird.

I like the quirk system. It's an interesting semi-controllable way for characters to become different over time; and a great gold sink. I reckon the balance of gold and heirlooms is very well done. Both are useful and in high demand for the majority of the game. I think it's well balanced.

Here are a few suggestions that I think would improve the game:

I'd like more hotkeys:

* More hamlet screen hotkeys:
+ home->scroll to top of hero list.
+ end->scroll to bottom
+ pgup & pgdown -> scroll a page up or a page down (if you scroll a page down, for example, the hero that was on the bottom of the list should now be at the top.)

* I'd like to be able to update the 'default' party order mid mission. eg. holding 'ctrl' while clicking the default order button could change the default to match the current order.

* Key-word searching of trinkets would be nice. eg. on the trinket screen if I type "bleed", it could filter it to show only trinkets which affected bleeding - or have 'bleed' in their name.

* I think torch light decay would be more interesting if it was depended on the current brightness; so that torches decayed faster at radiant than at dark. In the current system, if I see that I'm in danger of running out of torches before the end of the mission, there's very little I can do to adjust my strategy anyway. Either I have complete darkness sooner, or later. Whereas if the torch decay depended on the light level, then I could keep the torches burning slowly for longer rather than blazing away at full strength until they're all gone.

Currently on stygian difficulty, the decay rate is 7/1, for unexplored/explored tiles. What I'm suggesting is something like (9, 6, 6, 4) / (3, 2, 2, 1) (radiant, light, dim, dark). I'm not too fussed about the precise numbers; but I just think a small change like that would make light-level and torch management a lot more interesting. I think I'll post this as a 'feature request'.

Minor stuff

* The % sign in the building upgrades has exactly the same shape a the numerals 96, just closer together. I'd find it easier to read if the % symbol was tweaked a bit.

* Skills that affect all allies should have some kind of UI indicator before the skill is used. For example, as far as I can tell there is no difference in the hover-info for invigorating vapours vs fortifying vapours to hint to the player that one affects 4 heroes and the other only affects 1 hero.

* Voice intros to boss levels should be skipable. eg. maybe pressing 'esc' should end the voice-over so that the mission can begin (or just let the player start the mission while the voice-over is still playing). The main times I'd like to skip intros are when loading a save half-way through the mission; or doing the 'endless' farmstead mission.

* The effect of the 'rabies' disease doesn't seem quite right to me. One of the main symptoms of rabies is terror - so I reckon it should probably increase stress... (Also, rabies is fatal - and if you're experiencing symptoms, then it is too late to treat. But we can ignore the death part... but I reckon it's probably not a disease that people should consider 'keeping'.)

Possible bug:

* On a mission where I was supposed to get double XP, I equipped one of my team with a +50% xp trinket. The character with the trinket got less xp than all the others. (She got 9, everyone else got 12.) I suspect the trinket overwrote the bonus from the special week rather than adding to it. (The bonus xp was because I failed on the 3rd Darkest Dungeon mission.)

Visual glitches:
* When opening the gate in the farmstead, the gateway is drawn over the top of the hero in position two.
* When a hero ripostes a 'stressful incantation' from an enchantress, the enchantress' hit graphics are shown on top of the attack graphics (so that she's in two places at once).


Anyway, that's about all I had to say. Thanks for the game.

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