[WIN] Darkest Dungeon - Coming_in_Hot - Build #24248

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[WIN] Darkest Dungeon - Coming_in_Hot - Build #24248

Postby redhookjohn » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:10 pm

Steam Build #24248 - COMING IN HOT (WIN)

Darkest Dungeon
  • Fix to dead hero save load exploit.
  • Fix to heart attack save load exploit.
  • Mini-map will no longer auto center when scouting if you have the map_follow_party option set to off.
  • Adjusted Torch Tooltip zones to account for when there is a light meter or not.

Crimson Court
  • Adjusted Infestation - Players have consistently reported some dissatisfaction around the number of Bloodsucker spawns in dungeons during periods of High Infestation. In order to better preserve each dungeon’s identity, High Infestation has had the following adjustments:
    • Overall amount of hallway Bloodsucker encounters reduced, so as to not overwhelm a dungeon’s native population.
    • Egg Sac curios appear at High Infestation, allowing players an opportunity to opt-in to a Bloodsucker fight and farm Blood and Invitations.

Color of Madness
  • Fixed "preferred" typo in game code.
  • Trapezohedrons stack better with Geologic Study Hall once again
  • Fix to skill Refresh pop text.
  • Adjusted Shamblers encountered in the Farmstead to be equivalent to fighting at 0 light.
  • Updated miller success/defeat strings
  • Added controller support for nomad wagon and stagecoach for shard activities.

  • Fix to controller exploit with flashbacks and ambush.
  • Fix to being able to retreat from a flashback.

  • Added tag based quirk evolution duration buff.
  • Added a cure disease effect
  • Add variable to disable buff description.
  • Ability to have additional mashes based on quirk tags

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