New DD RPer Looking for Advice

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New DD RPer Looking for Advice

Postby FrankieAceVader » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:04 pm

Hi everyone!

I played the game at launch but stopped playing shortly thereafter and only came back about three weeks ago. I must say that I'm quite impressed at how the game has been fleshed out and I'm really enjoying it... but I think there's some good room to enrich the experience with some RP. I'm an oldtime roleplayer (not of this game though... :cry: ) but I've been out of the loop for a while so I was hoping to ask you guys how you go about it, or if you have any advice on how I'm trying to do it.

I'm trying to make a stream RP format work. I think it provides a live experience where the story can be pushed forward through the gameplay and itself can be influenced by how those involved roleplay. The quirks and randomness of the encounters and characters could be quite fun to incorporate. However, I want to know your thoughts on this. What do you think? Has it been tried before? Any advice as experienced roleplayers of DD?

Thanks in advance!! :D

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Re: New DD RPer Looking for Advice

Postby Vanitypirate » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:34 pm

Hi there!
I'm Vanitypirate, and I'm one of the mods of a long-running Darkest Dungeon roleplay. (I made a big, fancy post about this and everything!)
I have absolutely 0% experience with stream RP (this is the first time I've ever heard of it!) but my biggest advice to you would be:

Structure, structure, structure:
Roleplay benefits really well from having an established set of rules and expectations beforehand. In the early parts of our DDRP (which is a forum-based RP, so it might play out a bit differently than a stream-based RP), we weren't able to have any mods to oversee interactions, so a lot of really crazy, anti-thematic and straight-up godmodding things happened.
So definitely outline early what you expect from the RP and the rules for everyone to follow. You don't necessarily have to do this immediately, or right before the RP starts; you could totally brainstorm with the other RPers and establish a set of rules then.
But definitely do it sooner rather than later!

Freedom and Choice:
On the other hand, it's important that players feel like their choices matter and that their characters make a difference. Sometimes other RPers might introduce a plotline or concept you might not be a particular fan of, and that's ok! As long as it's not super extreme, it's always more fun to go with the flow and accept other people's take on Darkest Dungeon, even if it might not fit the theme exactly, than to try and regulate it.

Listen to your other RP buddies!
Make sure you communicate openly with your other RPing dudes! It's important to express your own needs and wants from the RP, as well as to listen to others'. It doesn't hurt to make friends with them, either. :^)

I hope this is helpful!
Happy typing-- or, rather, streaming! :^D
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