[Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

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[Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby redhookjohn » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:15 pm

Steam Build #24353
This update contains some significant changes to Endless Harvest brought about by feedback and observation.

It’s important to us that Endless Harvest is an exciting, tense experience. Some of the balance and structure in the first deployment make it possible to advance through what we consider an excessive amount of kills (1000+!) which results in a drawn out experience lacking some of the tension and excitement that we feel is vital. These changes have been made to try to keep the experience “punchy”, while still retaining that incentive and challenge of bettering your kill counts...without requiring a dozen or more hours for a single deep run. We hope that you find them to be good changes for the long term health of the mode, just as we do!

Introducing Color of Madness Endgame Conditions!
  • Once you have progressed beyond 200 Kills, the shimmering space-time of the corrupted Farmstead takes on an endgame condition, called a “Reflection.” These are mutators that increase the difficulty of the quest in different ways from that point onward.
  • Unbearable Reflection:
    • Heroes: +33% Stress Dmg Received
    • Heroes: -33% Stress Heal
    • Monsters: +4 SPD
  • Reflection of Decay:
    • Heroes: -50% Healing
    • Monsters: +15% PROT
    • Monsters: +25% Stun Resist
    • Monsters: +25% Debuff Resist
  • Sanguine Reflection:
    • Heroes: -8% Deathblow Resist
    • Monsters: +7.5% Crit
    • Monsters: +3 SPD
  • Reflection Obscura:
    • Heroes: -20% Stress Damage Received (a boon!)
    • Heroes: -20% Healing
    • Monsters: +10% PROT
    • Monsters: +25% Damage

These conditions stack on top of other Light conditions already present in whatever room you are present in the Farm or Space and Time.

Battle Limit Skill Refreshments in Endless Harvest:
Battle Limited skills with battle-long durations were balanced for the normal game structure. In Endless Harvest, this resulted in them being overpowered because a given combat lasts much longer than a normal 4-monster combat.

Now in Endless Harvest, Battle Limited skills don’t refresh until the end of a given wave *group* instead of refreshing after each wave. This helps with the balance and creates some tension around when you should pop and lock those Leper combos.

Shard Dust, however, now carries the additional benefit of refreshing battle limited skills on an individual heroes. This is a zany idea that we think can be compelling and give you some additional tactical options. Of course, don’t hit that dust too much, or it will leave the hero worn out.

Darkest Dungeon
  • Japanese Localization added for Darkest Dungeon, The Crimson Court, and The Shieldbreaker. (The Color of Madness is coming).
  • SOME SAY THAT CRITSMAS WENT TOO FAR. (Critsmas was when we increased crit %s AND added the OnCrit Buffs for each hero.) They are basically right. We have tweaked a number of crit values (skills, trinkets) down a bit to account for those OnCrit Buffs that were a late addition. Crits are still net+ from pre-Color of Madness release.
  • Total Scouting chance can now be seen as a tooltip on the Quest Provision screen.
  • Shambler loot increased
  • Champion Bone Courtiers should drop their special Chalice more often now
  • Moved Laudanum glossary entry to base game (from CC)
  • Fix to crash when killing siren with controlled hero with reflect damage.
  • Swinetaur brain improvements: hooked PIG SPEAR back up (it went missing!) and improved logic of Trot Retreat
  • Added buff/debuff+ icons to quest length duration buffs/debuffs.
  • Fix to double riposte overriding corpse crit clear.
  • Fix to centered icons swapping sides.
  • Carrion eater ACC++ on their main attacks
  • Fix to alpha curio bug in battle.
  • Leper crit tuning
  • reworded Help strings referencing Retreat Flag to say "Retreat Icon (which looks like an "X")"
  • Fix for quest generation that was creating too many quests in individual dungeons
  • Town buffs and debuffs now use the new Buff+ and Debuff+ icons.
  • Add ability to modify combat speed in the rules file.
  • Fix to removing mortality debuff camping skills and the has had heart attack flag cleared.
  • Riposte now won't trigger attack additional effects.
  • Game now saves every time you sell a trinket.
  • Fix to dead hero save load exploit.
  • Fix to heart attack save load exploit.
  • Mini-map will no longer auto center when scouting if you have the map_follow_party option set to off.
  • Adjusted Torch Tooltip zones to account for when there is a light meter or not.
  • Fixing loading issue where some spine_fx were missing (blood_splatter specifically)
  • Fixing loading issue where some spine_fx were missing (blood_splatter specifically)
  • Fix to swinatuar brains and trot retreat fixes.
  • Fix to journal crash if you uninstall dlc.
  • Added monster size check to unholly rally when corpses are disabled.
  • Reduced active area of realm inventory by removing empty background.
  • Arb/Musk fix to stagecoach chances for cases where user doesn't have Musketeer installed
  • Fix to Virtue Hero avoidance in several monster attacks (brains)
  • Added ability to specify clickable area of button
  • Fix to shambler ambush bug
  • Retroactively giving the In Such Haste achievement
  • Fixed a bug that affected specific encounter bgs (ie. Fanatic and Shieldbreaker Nightmares)
  • Fix to mashes being cleared from traps that spawn battles.
  • Fixing pop up props associated with heros to be drawn with the hero instead of after the fact.
  • Fixes spawn monster effect rendering in front of summoner during summon.
  • Fixed retreat raid button from popping up during teleport
  • Updated localization

Crimson Court
  • Adjusted Infestation - Players have consistently reported some dissatisfaction around the number of Bloodsucker spawns in dungeons during periods of High Infestation. In order to better preserve each dungeon’s identity, High Infestation has had the following adjustments:
    • Overall amount of hallway Bloodsucker encounters reduced, so as to not overwhelm a dungeon’s native population.
    • Egg Sac curios appear at High Infestation, allowing players an opportunity to opt-in to a Bloodsucker fight and farm Blood and Invitations.
  • Fixed a typo on CC Bleed Res Debuff 5 (ie. Champion monsters will now correctly apply bleed resistance debuffs to some of their attacks.)
  • Fix to countess not showing skill names on transforms

  • We have been concerned to see feedback that some players believe the Shieldbreaker flashback battles are never-ending and therefore the SB isn’t given as much value as she deserves. We’ve implemented a few things to help communicate that there are only 7 flashbacks and they only need passed once. (Not once per recruited SB.)
  • Added a tutorial for flashbacks.
  • Flashbacks now have a 50% chance of happening on a given quest.
  • The Shieldbreaker will now bark to warn the player of an impending nightmare before resting.
  • Once the 7 flashbacks have been completed, all Shieldbreakers get a free restful sleep buff each time they camp!
  • Fix to controller exploit with flashbacks and ambush.
  • Fix to being able to retreat from a flashback.
  • Fix to immediately switching to room after not ambush camp and be visible sitting.

The Color of Madness
  • Reflections (see above)
  • Change to Battle Limited skill refreshment while in Endless Harvest (see above)
  • Wave spawned monsters now are placed more intelligently. (Front rank monsters will more reliably be placed in front; back rank monsters will more reliably be placed in back.)
  • Revised length of post-Spire wavepools for new Endless Harvest rules. (Each wave group is shorter now.)
  • Fix sorting of shard recruits.
  • Remove raid buffs when dying and going to time and space.
  • Remove plot quest required quirk heroes (shard recruits) from being calculated in hero level requirement for town events (vulf).
  • Added refreshing of skills in curio rooms
  • Abomination has an exception for his transformation
  • Shard dust refreshes skills when used
  • Remove roster limit quirk heroes ( shard recruits ) from being included in goals.
  • Adding colour_grades to monster art files. In particular Galaxy and Spire.
  • Geologic Study hall should no longer increase stacking of Tapestries and Antiquarian treasures
  • Fix to torch settings persisting after death in time and space.
  • Added Kill Count to Wave UI
  • Lowered Thing roaming icon on quest select screen to reduce overlap on 4th position quest icons above it
  • FIXED bug where once you've finished endless, game would reroll quests everytime you start it
  • Remove map references from help menu in wave raid.
  • Remove quest modifier buffs when you die and go to time and space.
  • Thing debuffs don't apply if the attack misses
  • Thing persists after retreat (you can't retreat to then roll a new encounter)
  • Fixed "preferred" typo in game code.
  • Fix to skill Refresh pop text.
  • Adjusted Shamblers encountered in the Farmstead to be equivalent to fighting at 0 light.
  • Updated miller success/defeat strings
  • Added controller support for nomad wagon and stagecoach for shard activities.
  • Fixed bug w/ crystal overlays
  • Sleeper's caretaker goal should now function correctly
  • Increased Crystal Aberrations stun resist 400 from 200 (This is to prevent it from surviving until wave reinforcement, resulting in bugs)
  • Fixed and issue around reloading a save during a turn where multiple Crystal Aberrations self-destructed resulting in one of the crystal surviving and causing an assert with wave reinforcements.

  • You can disable new Virtue loss at high stress and return to legacy system through an entry in Rules.json ("virtue_can_lose_from_stress" : false)
  • Added tag based quirk evolution duration buff.
  • Added a cure disease effect
  • Add variable to disable buff description.
  • Ability to have additional mashes based on quirk tags
  • Fix to mod support bug where hp dot duration percent mods where not being applied.
  • Added ability for multi target effects to have individual rolls on targets

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby Sines » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:31 am

Honestly, I kinda prefer it when the Shieldbreaker always has her nightmares. If GI Joe and DD3 have taught me anything, it's that knowing is half the battle.

I absolutely love the Shieldbreaker, and would treat her outings on Medium missions as going on a boss fight. Beating her final Nightmare was like killing a Champion level boss, an major campaign milestone with some sweet trinkets as a reward. I'd give her a -Stress trinket, get her all healed up, and rest. Now, she tells you when the nightmare is coming, so I don't have to decide between using Ambush prevention or Pep Talk, but if the nightmare doesn't come, all that prep I did before the camp itself is going to be wasted on something that isn't coming. It's going to make me weaker in general because I prepared for the wrong thing.

Not to mention, the longer it takes her to have her nightmares, the longer it takes to get her class trinkets.

I like the idea of the tutorial, because a lot of people were confused by that. Totally warranted. But the 50% chance to have the nightmares just seems like it's causing more trouble than it solves.

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby FredDasilva » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:05 am

Thank you so much

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby kiarawillson92 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:53 am

FredDasilva wrote:Thank you so much

Did it work for you? I was looking for help but unfortunately didn't work out for me :/

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby nanafananas » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:49 pm

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby senaysenay » Fri Dec 13, 2019 5:36 pm

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby zlajazaja » Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:49 am

That's cool

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby mogiben461 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:23 am

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby user12345 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:09 am

Do you have any plan to put out aos for Android phones?

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby James4466 » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:03 am

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby Robert A. Hinojosa » Mon May 04, 2020 3:09 pm

Hello! I am a newbie here, have a problem. This update doesn't work well on my Mac OS. I was trying to re-download, but then in stoped working at all. Necessary to say, on my other Mac OS laptop it works. Do you have any ideas what is the problem?

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby tillockwatson » Wed May 27, 2020 1:02 pm

hello, I'm a newbie on this forum. thank you for accepting my account request!
thank you darkest dungeon forum

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby OliverM » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:26 am

Hello, thanks for the information, I just joined this forum, hoping to have some fruitful discussion here

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Re: [Win/Linux/Mac] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24353

Postby lucas21 » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:32 am

Very useful information

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