[PC/MAC/LINUX] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24121

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[PC/MAC/LINUX] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24121

Postby redhookjohn » Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:54 pm

With this build we added the new Korean Localization provided by BADA Games. This new localization has replaced the old Korean and is selectable by choosing Korean (한국어) in the language select. Korean B or 한국어 (B) is the old localization which is still being re-worked by the original translator firm.

Thank you for your patience while we corrected the localization, and we hope you enjoy the new version.

Darkest Dungeon
  • The Collector: Man At Arms head now has a damage + stun attack. Vestal head now has a damage + stress attack. Also they should augment the offensive Dismas head better. This should make Collector less exploitable for stalling.
  • Updated monster brains: Post-virtue stress matters again, modified brain desires so stress target preferences can still target virtuous heroes. Improved handling of stun attacks vs already stunned targets.
  • Added an activity log entry for when The Shrieker adds new trinkets to his collection of baubles.
  • Fix to monster spawn fx not going away in code.
  • Fix to fix restore party order when clicking the skip curio button.
  • Shadow Fade no longer battle limited. Buffs adjusted accordingly (reduce duration on 1, reduce crit on other)
  • Drowned captain move resist boosted to 200+
  • Fix to default multiply of damage add buffs.
  • Increase string sizes of tooltips for trinkets and effects.
  • Removed blood splatter from seasoning attack
  • Updated swinetaur brain
  • Non-removable debuffs (debuffs resistant to Herbs) now have a unique icon.
  • Small Flesh Eaters HP+, now accelerate stall since they are weak mobs
  • Big Flesh Eater toughened up: more HP, more PROT, and attack does more dmg, brain tweak to attack more after marking
  • Focus Ring small nerf
  • Fix to Vulf bombs not going away.
  • Update to brains to fix when counting guarded monsters and has corpses.
  • Updated vestal judgement and judgement_target fx
  • Centered tray icons.
  • Fix to town progression goals.
  • Fix to trinket dragging crash.
  • Show battle limit and health requirements for skills in the guild
  • Added battle limit and health percentage validation check for tooltip length of combat skills.
  • Condensed Leper defend tooltips.
  • Fix to skill based buffs that are about friendly skills that do not heal aka “musical” quirk.
  • Fix to saves being loaded with improper interactions variable set.
  • Fix to target hp buff rules not taking the targets max hp into account for calculating percent.
  • Fix to death trinket effects when camping and during heart attack.
  • Turned off monster spawn FX for some monsters and bosses.
  • Fix to crit buff icon not updating.
  • Fix to quirks interfering with debuff plus icon.
  • Fix to dots causing plus debuff icon.
  • Fix to debuff icon not updating.
  • Singleton quirks cannot be locked. (Prevents useless spend of cash)
  • Fixed some missing strings (English for now)
  • Fixed bug where hero/monster selector temporarily appeared after friendly timescript
  • New short animations for non emphasis curio interactions

The Shieldbreaker
  • Obsidian blade trinket now actually obsidian.
  • Guarantee her trinkets if you lose them.

The Color of Madness
  • Optimized the loading for wave dungeons and audio streaming; this should resolve many of the “infinite loading” issues owners with low spec machines.
  • The Sleeper has been added as miniboss, can now reappear once you get past the initial phase of The Endless Harvest plot quest.
  • The Crocodillian has been added to The Farmstead as a potential boss. (You do not need to own Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court DLC for him to appear. OUR PLEASURE :)
  • The Collector has been added to The Farmstead as a potential boss.
  • Fixed combat duration bug with coat at arms.
  • added crit to horse trample
  • farm spacetime animation for sleeper boss fight
  • Provision boxes sometimes are empty (endless harvest supply balancing)
  • new wavepools in recurring section for testing in COMING IN HOT
  • Now only loading incoming dungeons
  • next step could be to only load boss if it's only a boss mash or mashes if it's a mash encounter
  • Fix to miller wife restore curio loop.
  • Remove high score tooltip.
  • wave bgs for monsters weren't being updated
  • Fix to wave transition barks.
  • Fix to duplicate trinket bug with endless.
  • Shard Mercs now take their 10% cut regardless if they survive the run or not.
  • shard merc clarification: doesn't take up roster spot (ENGLISH only)
  • Fix to various narration issues around curio rooms.
  • Fix to torch settings not being applied in space.
  • Fix to various background and boss/miniboss selection and loading.
  • Fix to reflect damage causing corpses on crit ripostes.
  • spendorous light: Virtue check bonus reduced some

  • Added stun skill desire.
  • All skills with stun are now stun_skill

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Re: [PC/MAC/LINUX] Darkest Dungeon - Build #24121

Postby CaptainCaptain » Mon Feb 17, 2020 7:13 pm

Som regel släpps alla läkemedel som behandlar styrka utan recept. Pris viagra utan accept är inte hög och är tillgänglig för alla inkomstnivåer. Det viktigaste är att detta köp kommer att vara riktigt motiverat och helt lösa problem med styrka

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