Writing a DD-like game WIP (I have no knowledge of programming so I am just putting it out there for anyone to see)

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Writing a DD-like game WIP (I have no knowledge of programming so I am just putting it out there for anyone to see)

Postby EncroachedRoach » Sat Apr 04, 2020 4:11 pm

This is a WIP, created in a 2 hours while trying to stay sane in these strange times, I am up for any criticism or add-ons. This is my first time writing this sort of thing. As said, not finished due to a lack of time.

Darkest Dungeon/souls-like
A rift in time allows brave travelers from across time into a forsaken universe of colliding eras. Primal kings and gods thrown into an endless war against modern and future beings; lovecraftian horrors lurking in each shadow and puddle, waiting for terrified wanderers to devour. All flesh shall be mangled here, all eyes gouged, and all minds stripped of humanity.

Huge inspiration to Darkest Dungeon, has the 4 on hero side vs max 4 on enemy side.

Primal (different stages such as: stone and the beginnings of agricultural era)
Medieval (different areas such as Asian which would be things like Samurai, ninja, peasant soldiers. European would include German, British, and Scottish soldiers. Indigenous would be soldiers from groups such as Zulu and Apache tribes).
Modern (would include some soldiers from modern day, basic such as Navy, Infantry, Special Forces, and a guard class like Bodyguard)
Future (Would include variants of previous classes but with advancements in certain areas, strong base on mechanical weaponry, weak against flesh enemies strong against metallic and stone-based enemies)
Timeless (Features eldritch beings and supernatural, filled with beasts and monsters, very few could be found as friendly, these would also include metallic and stone-based enemies, ones immune to time).

Classes of hero and enemy (not fully thought out, the blank spots are ones I can’t really think of):
Legendary enemies: These are deities, corrupted gods, super rare enemies that are very powerful. Could also include the “The Timeless Kings” (Romulus and Remus, the king of Sumer, Corrupted Agamemnon, the Rusty King of Moritora, The Rabid King, The Blighted Demiking). A hidden boss called “The Maddened Biologist” (tribute to my grandfather John R. Feick, calls in skeletal reconstructions of animals like iguanas, would have a 25% chance of spawning in a broad-banded dwarf boa because he discovered it, he would drop a travellers note signed at the bottom “John R. Feick” it would say “To whomever may discover this note, I feel as though all time has been lost. I am losing control of all I know; my compass no longer tells me what is North, my watch no longer tells me what day it is or how long it is before midnight. My mind is lost in the reeds and my body is lost in the abyssal caverns”). One legendary boss could be the Farmer (begins on a first phase that is weak, has 3 other farmers on his team, wields a sickle. Second phase is the “Reaper of Living Seeds” his flesh has begun falling from bone, he wields a scythe now, he takes up 2/4 spaces on his side. Third phase is “Ruler of the dead”, takes up all 4 spaces, only the top half of his body is visible, bottom half is below ground, wields two sacks full of dead bodies).
Legendary Heroes/travellers: Eldritch abominations that travel in hopes of devouring the endless expanse of corruption (Kirby), Undying/revived Martyrs, well-known soldiers/saints/generals (Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan), Chieftains of tribes, demigods, well-known supernatural beings (Dracula “I have lost a taste for the blood of the living, the undying’s blood is so much more filling”). Could even throw in Nikola Tesla.
Very Rare enemies: Things such as bosses, some minibosses like a mimic, only minibosses that have a high chance of dropping very rare or legendary loot.
Very Rare Heroes: Kings/queens, supernatural beings (supernatural beings such as vampires, succubi, mancubi, holy knights)
Rare Enemies: Minibosses (could be corrupted versions of rare/common heroes).
Rare Heroes:
Common enemies: Weak/peasant variants of other enemies, lower-end abominations, cannibals, wild animals.
Common heroes: peasant/basic type heroes, not strong but fine for beginning of the game.

Travellers/ hero types:
Player begins with two customizable characters (inspiration from Dismas and Reynauld of Darkest Dungeon), you are able to choose the era these are both from, class, etc. These would be two common rarity heroes but can be evolved to a higher rarity if held onto and put time into.
You can also edit stats slightly, but you would be unable to make them too powerful (this would be a souls-like stat system).

Farmer: these could be found in every era, each having more knowledge about living curios like plants. Above average with healing, mediocre attack.
Traveller: Knows these lands well, high chance of scouting the path, know somewhat of curio types, lowered damage from stress. Average attack, below average healing abilities, increased gold/treasure from curios, sort of like the Antiquarian.
Eldritch abominations: Very little stress damage taken, high attack damage, large variability in healing abilities, large amounts of health (if you’ve ever used “The Thrall” mod by Marvin Seo this would be similar to a frontline eldritch hero).
Knights: Can range in belief, much like crusader and leper, mostly frontline can be found wielding crossbow/heavy long-range weapon like arbalest.
Supernatural: Low stress damage received, varying attack and healing abilities based on type of supernatural. If it’s a vampire below average damage, strong healing, fast speed. Werewolf/transforming class would be high damage, low-no healing, high health.
Healer: Strong healing, low damage mostly based in a poison/blight attack (plague doctor is one of my favorites so that’s why poison/blight) lower health, back-line.
King/Queen: Frontline, High health, large buffs, mediocre damage that will use debuffs, lower speed.
Wild: High speed, high damage, low bleed damage on most attacks, low health, no healing.
Infantry: backline, has mediocre healing and damage, mediocre health.

Tetanus (debuffs such as Lockjaw which reduces buffs dealt and receives less from food)

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Re: Writing a DD-like game WIP (I have no knowledge of programming so I am just putting it out there for anyone to see)

Postby shell90 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 4:58 am

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