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[WIN] Darkest Dungeon - Coming_in_Hot - Build #24287

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:19 pm
by redhookjohn
Steam Build #24287 - COMING IN HOT (WIN)

Darkest Dungeon
  • Fixing loading issue where some spine_fx were missing (blood_splatter specifically)

  • Fix to swinatuar brains and trot retreat fixes.
  • Fix to journal crash if you uninstall dlc.

  • Added monster size check to unholly rally when corpses are disabled.
  • Reduced active area of realm inventory by removing empty background.
  • Arb/Musk fix to stagecoach chances for cases where user doesn't have Musketeer installed
  • Fix to Virtue Hero avoidance in several monster attacks (brains)
  • Added ability to specify clickable area of button
  • Fix to shambler ambush bug
  • Retroactively giving the In Such Haste achievement
  • Updated localization

Crimson Court
  • Fixed summon named: name in infested egg cluster curio
  • Fix to countess not showing skill names on transforms
  • Fixed egg cluster problem which would have fights count towards room battles, and will no longer cause a crash assert when trying to spawn.
  • Changed shieldbreaker flashback and fanatic bg rendering. (Though this has created some other bugs which we are working to resolve)

The Color of Madness
  • Fixed bug w/ crystal overlays
  • Sleeper's caretaker goal should now function correctly

  • Fix to immediately switching to room after not ambush camp and be visible sitting.

Re: [WIN] Darkest Dungeon - Coming_in_Hot - Build #24287

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:48 pm
by Wilhelm
I'm happy to see that you're still updating the game and putting efforts in bug fixing :D Tho i was wondering, Darkest is your only game right ? After that long, and with a "finished" game, is it still economically worth ? Or are you working on something new ?