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Modding - how does it work.

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:57 pm
by GenocidingGemini
Hello. So ive been trying to mod darkest dungeon for who knows how long and how many attempts.. probably since its been in BETA?. And every time i try to do it right. by looking to find out if MOD A is compatible with MOD B it always ends poorly. i turned on the errors messages in hopes i find SOMETHING thatd tell me why i keep getting crashes etc. I know of some stuff like only 100 mods allowed turned on but...i do use mods that are varying in versions some are 1.0 and under. others are 4.0 and higher etc.. i do make sure to get mods compatible with CoM CC and SBer Musketeer flagellent etc. Which the game works for the first few quests. up like a quest in week 4-7 and then it just crashes no matter what dungeon i try on. so NOW MY QUESTION IS THIS>

If i post my entire mods list. could somebody in theory help me set it up so it wont Break/crash/mess up my game? id like to continue using the mods i have. im just not catching something or im not good enough. ANY HELP would be greatly Appreciated.