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Custom Crimson Court Trinkets for RP server

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:12 am
by Abdessamad8593
As the title says, we have a discord group made of DD fans where we have this sort of Dungeons and Dragons kind of Roleplay thing going on, basically, each person is controlling a single Character and we form parties to go on expeditions and RP in the hamlet etc.
We implemented The Crimson court, and now we had the idea of making the CC trinkets personized according to each character.
Instead of being class based like the game, Problem is, We [I] have no clue how to make custom balanced trinkets. I tried scrolling a bit in the wiki trying to see some sort of pattern or "scoring" where you have some sort of "number of points you get to spend in making the trinket where negative effects give more points and positive ones cost them, but I couldn't Maybe some of you who are familiar with tweaking the game could give me advice or tips on how a trinket [Of the crimson court rarity] should be made.
Thank you!