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Bloodsucker Hero

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:16 pm
by Gothicwaltz
I started a discussion over at the Steam Workshop community about this, but I think it might be advantageous to put my work here as well. Below I will post my progress so far, and will continue to update as development moves forward. If you have any input, feel free to reply here if that is more convenient for you.

I have a hankering for a Bloodsucker Hero, and I'd like some help putting it together. I'm thinking transforming, bleed and heal on damage, with abomination-esque party stress and innate Crimson Curse as the general direction.

Thematically, the hero should reflect the Courtyard's decadent court aesthetic, a courtier that fell out of favor and returns to the Estate to prove their worth through strength of arms and cunning.

The first problem I'm encountering is how the Bloodlust state effects the monsters and heroes differently. I think the Crimson Curse should be inextricable for this hero, so there are two options as I can see for a Bloodsucker transformation.

First: The hero transforms whenever Bloodlust is activated.

Second: The hero transforms whenever they successfully perform The Thirst ability, no matter the Bloodlust state.

The first would precipitate two methods of entering Bloodlust, The Blood and The Thirst. Without further adjustment with would cause the Hero to be in a perpetual state of monstrous transformation. The easiest way to defer this would be to limit the time the Hero spends in that state, like at the end of each battle. I think this is a suitable compromise given that this Hero has more oppertunities to enter Bloodlust than others.

The second would be an easy, dare I say lazy, way to fix the issue, and not feel true to the established lore in the game. So we will go with the first approach.

Next we should determine the parameters of The Thirst ability beyond the transformation mechanic. Universally, The Thirst is a vampiric attack that heals the user, and is horrific to the point that I believe giving it the Stress attributes of the Abominations transformation ability are appropriate. In contrast to the Abomination's own Stress gains while transformed, I do not believe that this should be the case for the Bloodsucker, as those in the Bloodlust state are invigorated-of course the Stress suffered by their companions via Bloodlust will continue, and adding companion Stress to the transformed state's abilities may be an appropriate way to balance the benefits of the class.

Re: Bloodsucker Hero

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:26 pm
by Gothicwaltz
On a second analysis of The Thirst ability, Bloodsuckers are moved from any position to position 1. Also, Bloodsuckers can use The Thirst after they enter Bloodlust, and it seems in line to have the Hero do so as well. And so:

The Thirst
Attack from any position to any position
Move to position 1
Damage target [If attack is dodged, following does not activate]
Heal X
Activate Bloodlust and Transform [If not already]
X Stress to companions

The next area that must be tackled, because I am an advocate of top-down design in gaming, is what sort of character this hero is. My goal is to create something that is aligned with the Courtyard in theme, but no derivative of any specific monster that already exists. The first clue we have to the larger picture is the circumstance of the hero, why would a Bloodsucker rally with mankind against his own? The structure of the Courtyard is much like a decadent court, and the political games of any court punish those who overstep themselves or are too overt in their scheming. The Wizened Shrew is a wonderful example of this in play, though in this case it seems that age has something to do with losing favor in this specific instance.

Our hero then, is an expelled member of the Courtyard, which highlights the motive of revenge, a motive missing from the roster of cannon heroes. This sort of situation is available to men and women alike, but my preference in this case, and observing the great number of female mod heroes, this hero will be male. Female member of the Courtyard seem to carry some authority over their male counterparts, so it is a bit easier to expel a male member, again siting the Wizened Shrew. This leads to further characterization, as the most common type expelled from court are those who see themselves as better or more important than their actual station. This hero then is a would-be manipulator and strategist, not the sort to sully their hands with the tasks of his lessers.

From this broad framework we can start to specify his role in the party. Primary damage dealer and tank are right out, this hero wants his companion to do the dirty work, so he'll lean more toward buffing and support, at least in his "human" form.

Re: Bloodsucker Hero

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:16 pm
by Magniloquent
An excellent idea. Perhaps it is too late of a reply, but I hope that I might inspire you.

It seems apt that, with your vision, what few damaging skills he'd have would be focused around bleeds, with an innate +DMG% vs Bloodsuckers. Though, as thematically fitting it may seem, the Flagellant and Jester already fill the niche. Instead, he may renounce his former ways, yet always on the verge to succumb the the allure of blood and transforming into a bloodsucking monster.

In his human form, he'd have moderate health and damage but his skills would focus on buffing his team (though selfish and revenge-driven, he understands that he needs allies to secure his vengeance).

After transforming, however, he'd receive a DMG, CRIT, and SPD buff, dishing out powerful, bleeding skills which siphon health that terrify (induce stress on) his allies.

Re: Bloodsucker Hero

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:56 pm
by Gothicwaltz
It's not too late at all! Thank you for your thoughtful input.

In monster form, I think a revert ability of some form that moves the character to slot 4 and drops buffs/debuffs would be fun.

This would leave 2 ability slots for monster form and 3 for human form to sort out.

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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:01 am
by DyingFeTo
Sounds awesome! :D

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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:44 am
by Gothicwaltz
I'd get more of this finished, but I have some other creative projects I'm working on, and there's no tangible recompense for the effort invested.

That being said, here's some spitballing.

Monster form: Already has a primary attack via The Thirst. I think a Proc up ability would work nicely with said attack ability shoving the character to position 1. Summoning a protective swarm of mosquitos comes to mind, since he's a "mastermind" type. The last ability I'm not certain on, a riposte w/ self mark comes to mind, or a swarm related group attack debuff.

Human form: Following the aforementioned The Thirst, a single target stress heal to the tune of Bravado I like. Perhaps take that group attack debuff and put it here. My inclination then leans toward another riposte ability with a small heal, Shallow Feeding seems fitting.

Re: Bloodsucker Hero

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:33 am
by Khuras
I dont know if this is too late and you already stopped this project but I really like the idea, so here is my take on the bloodsuckers abillities.

The (?) are just extra suggestions if you want to nerf or buff an abillity right of the bat.

(I apologize for grammar/spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, I wrote this on my phone... in a car.)

Human form:

1. The Thirst (you already have this flashed out so I wont bother)

2. Rapier Thrust
- hit the first two enemies
- applies bleed
- applies reposte(?)

3a. Delicious (sips “Wine“)
- self only
- heals 3-4
- heals some stress
- ACC debuff


3b. Have a Taste (holds “Wine“ bottle up)
-can be cast on everyone from the backline
- heals 3-3
- heals some stress
- ACC debuff
- marks target
- (Maybe have it heal more for targets with crimson curse and give the abillity itself a chance to apply the curse?)

4. Friendly Offer (Spills poisoned “Wine“ in tempting goblet fashion)
- applies blight
- dodge and acc debuff
- marks target(?)

5a. Go Forth Peasant/defend me!
- self only
- 2 backwards
- high dodge buff
- clears bleed and/or blight(?)


5b. Bloodsuckers Cunning
- Force guard
- apply dodge buff to target
- cures bleed (?)
- marks target (?)

6. Vicious Mockery
- 2 targets debuff
- unsure which debuffs
- maybe a stun?
- I love the name

7. You know what I heard... (whispers to team mate)
- dodge buff to target
- marks target
- applies reposte or dmg buff (?)
- applies ACC debuff (?)

8. Bloodsucker Bravado (plays an instrument)
- group dodge buff
-... and speed buff (?)
- applies ACC debuff
- heals or applies stress on mates based on crimson curse

Monster form:

1. The Thirst (again)

2. Red Plague (Moskito swarm based on the crocodilians "Swarming Corruption" abillity)
- dodge and/or ACC debuff
- applies bleed
- 2 or more targets

3. Impaling Retreat (basicly “Go forth peasant“ but based on the Sycophants "Bombing Run" abillity)
- dmg
- applies bleed
- dodge buff (?)

4. Wound the Wounded (Claw attack from first position)
- unsure how many should be hit (1-2)
- dmg
- extra dmg or extra bleed against bleeding targets (?)

Re: Bloodsucker Hero

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:15 am
by rosabellagm
Thanks. You’ve helped make it clearer for me! gmail