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SB Strings Update/Added to Translation App

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:49 pm
by redhookjohn
Hey Translators!

Last week we uploaded all the new strings for Shieldbreaker up to the web app. This also had all of what was provided, please feel free to start reviewing the strings for improvements!

Re: SB Strings Update/Added to Translation App

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:06 pm
by dnqbob
John,those SB strings contains many mistakes, and also some strings missing.

I have done all the translation up to now, or I have to say, those valid ones. As for SB strings, there are following problem need to be looked into on that site.

1. Tags lack of content

like "shieldbreaker_weapon_(number)" ,"action_verbose_body_guild_shieldbreaker", etc. Their content is void in site, but they do have content in "shieldbreaker.string_table.xml".

2. Tags with wrong content


Were you trained by a monkey?

But in “shieldbreaker.string_table.xml”

Tag: "shieldbreaker+str_block_camping_skill_performer_abusive"
These wretches don't deserve it.
Tag: "shieldbreaker+str_block_camping_skill_performer_abusive"
Among these creatures, I am truly a diamond in the rough.
Tag: "shieldbreaker+str_block_camping_skill_performer_abusive"
Competence is the rarest treasure, it would seem.

The problem is same for "shieldbreaker+str_block_camping_meal_masochistic", "shieldbreaker+str_afflicted_selfish", etc.

3. Strings lack

As the example I put above, there supposed to be three different versions for tag named "shieldbreaker+str_block_camping_skill_performer_abusive"( and its content is wronged too ), and this problem of Heroes' Dialogue is everywhere, in original game of Darkest Dungeon, in DLC Crimson Court and Shield Breaker. And this SEVERELY hinder the progress of localization. About a quarter of localization is missing for a half years makes everyone lose confidence about the localization site in our localization group.

Hope to fix soon.

Re: SB Strings Update/Added to Translation App

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:11 am
by Agrivar
I would like to add that, after a lot of months missing from the localisation webpage due to some heavy workload, I am currently working in finishing the translation of all the current strings for the "Spanish (Spain)" localisation. I expect to finish all string during this week, and I will end in the same situation as dnqbob: some strings are empty and others seem to have a wrong content. In any case, when I have ended my translation, we will see if my empty/wrong strings are the same as dndqbob's (this seems to be the case). Hope that helps to locate what is wrong with those strings.

I also wanted to intervene in this thread to give proof that the "community translation" it is not entirely abandoned!