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Missing (¿and outdated?) strings in all languages

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:18 am
by Agrivar
I noticed that some of the strings in the localisation webpage are empty, so they can't be translated. Those strings have titles, so they are clearly intended to have some future text.

Some other strings seem to have "placeholders" name. For example, the three "Rattler" enemies from the Shieldbreaker DLC are named "Solid", "Rock Hard" and "Impermeable". I am aware that they are references to the "Solid Snake" character from the "Metal Gear"-series, but I suppose that those names are not intended to be the final ones, and those same enemies appear referenced as "Rattler" and "Sinister Rattler" in the Darkest Dungeon Gamepedia website, so it seems like some strings for the Shieldbreaker DLC were updated after being uploaded to the localisation webpage, or the DD Gamepedia is not using the current name for those enemies.

Finally, I have found some references in the DD Gamepedia which seem to be missing in the localisation webpage. The DD Gamepedia shows some texts from the pages of the Shieldbreaker's diary, but I haven't found any of those texts in the localisation webpage (typing those texts in the Search box shows no results).

All those missing/outdated strings seem to be common to all languages in the localisation webpage. I.e. if there is an empty string in the German section, that same string is empty in all other languages.

Re: Missing (¿and outdated?) strings in all languages

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:27 am
by dnqbob
In detail, following strings is missing, or I should say strings of following tags is incomplete(one tag -> multiple strings ).

[hero class]+str_afflicted_[certain affliction]
[hero class]+block_camping_skill_target_[certain affliction]
[hero class]+block_camping_skill_performer_[certain affliction]
[hero name]+block_camping_meal_[certain affliction]

[hero name]=all hero classes
[certain affliction]="masochistic", "selfish", "irrational" for all heroes except shield breaker, all affliction for shield breaker

Re: Missing (¿and outdated?) strings in all languages

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:44 pm
by redhookjohn
We are in the process of getting our build ready for Switch submission, once thats been cleared we will be posting up all the new strings to the app for people to start updating/correcting adding.