Need of some community localisations sitrep

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Need of some community localisations sitrep

Postby Agrivar » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:41 am

Hi there.

I noticed that there is a new official update for the "Colour of Madness" future DLC.

As a member of the community translators (I am in charge of the Spanish (Spain) localisation), I think there is some need of receiving a sitrep from Red Hook Games about how the all the work done in the "" webpage is going to be implemented (if it is going to be).

Currently, the only localisations close to completion are the Chinese and Spanish (Spain). Although there is some people working in the Korean localisation, all the other language localisations seem to have been abandoned by their original community translators (all of them seem to have been abandoned after the completion or near-completion of the localisation of the core game, but there has been no work in any DLC).

As per the latest update, the timetable for the "Colour of Madness" has been changed from "Spring 2018" to "TBD" (and there is a noticeable absence of content from that DLC in the translation webpage; i.e. we know that the Miller is the boss of the new dungeon, but there is no string regarding the Miller in the translation webpage, so it is obvious that there are still many strings waiting to be added). So I think this would be an excellent time to discuss what can be done about the community localisations (specially those few that are near-completion).

I own only the PC version of "Darkest Dungeon", and I haven't bought any DLC (nor I haven't seen the game in any other platform), so I don't know if the content added beyond the core game and/or the non-PC versions of the game are being published only in English, or there are professional studios working in the localisation to other languages. I DO KNOW, however, that the official Spanish localisation of the core game it is still the deeply flawed original one (although the most grievous mistakes were corrected, they are still "patches" applied to a flawed work).

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Re: Need of some community localisations sitrep

Postby Summerorley » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:33 am

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