Preparing for the Endless Farm with the town buffs...

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Preparing for the Endless Farm with the town buffs...

Postby quickblade » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:43 pm

So here's a little tip for extra preparations for the endless farm.

My setup is the following (*Note im on darkest difficulty, no mods excepts slightly faster animations) I have over 3000 kills in endless with this : Plague Doctor - Jester - Occultist - Abom .

One important thing you might want to consider for the endless farm are the town buffs. For my team it took me about a grind of 60+ champions runs before going to the endless just set up the right town buffs on my team. So I sent each of my character flagellate every week until they get the +20% damage buff (about 9.4% chance). Then once they get it , I sent them pray in the transept every week until they get the 20% reduce stress buff (6.8% chance to trigger) , and both buffs stack , they will be good on their next mission... ie : all my four character looks like this :
town buffs.jpg
town buffs.jpg (86.74 KiB) Viewed 805 times

All four of them are focus virtue , cheesing virtue is another thing. It involves having the right trinkets for that and a bit of rng for sure. If you need any help for the virtue part how I did it , lemme know ill explain more in details so 1800 kills on this run and im still going , see you all hope you enjoy and good luck in your run :)
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