Darkest Dungeon Themed Roleplay Discord

Want to share your stories from the game or join in running roleplay threads? Join us by the camp fire. Stay awhile and listen.
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Darkest Dungeon Themed Roleplay Discord

Postby Abdessamad8593 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:28 am

Hey guys! I am running a Darkest Dungeon server on Discord or rather rebuilding it after I was made owner.
It's sort of a mishmash between dungeons and dragons but we're using darkest dungeon game mechanics I'm the Heir and members play as a hero in the roaster.
You can roleplay with others in the Hamlet or go on expeditions after applying to one on a notice board.
Experience, Gold, and trinkets are still in effect but on an individual level.
If you're interested feel free to join in.
In the end, I will still be laughing.

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